PUBG adds Bot with upcoming 7.1 Update for Xbox One, PS4 gamers


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) from the developer Tencent is adding bots to public matches on consoles in order to address the growing gulf between the skill levels of new players and proficient PUBG veterans, according to a blog post published on

“While PUBG veterans continue to hone their skills and improve, we’re seeing more often than many newer players are being eliminated early with no kills – and oftentimes with no damage dealt,” explained lead project manager Joon H. Choi.

“In an effort to provide more ways for players to hone their skills and be able to fully enjoy what PUBG has to offer, we’ve decided to introduce bots with Update 7.1.” This update according to patch notes, is bringing forth a lot of new content and noteworthy features.

Based on developer notes, it doesn’t seem like these bots will be without intelligence either. They’ll still put up a fight and PUBG Corporation has even put navigation guides in place as to prevent them from just wandering off to areas where environmental hazards are and dying quickly. Bullet drop and trajectory are elements the bots will account for as well.

It’s pretty incredible to see how far PUBG has progressed just in the last couple of years.

Updates are constantly being pumped out as to keep gameplay fresh. As we get further into 2020, which means more weapons, new maps, and refined systems to look forward to.