PSLS Game of the Year 2018 Awards – Best Horror Game Winner PS4


2019 had a number of intriguing horror experiences, from the more traditional first-person psychological horror of Blair Witch to the tense narrative horror in Man of Medan. Days Gone managed to make an open-world absolutely terrifying, and Resident Evil 2 brought back a horror classic in a whole new way. Which brought the scares in the best way though? Which one truly got under our skin? Here are the PlayStation LifeStyle nominations for Best Horror Game in 2019.

Best Horror Game 2019 Winner

Resident Evil sales

Resident Evil 2

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As if it’s any surprise, Resident Evil 2 was also one of the best games of the year, period. So, of course, it takes the top prize as the best horror game this year, though it did have some worthy contenders in an almost unusual lineup of horror experiences across different genres. Resident Evil 2 reimagined the classic horror game and captured the hearts and screams of players everywhere. It viscerally explored what the PlayStation original could barely hope to recreate, and it’s the precursor to next year’s anticipated sequel, the Resident Evil 3 remake. Though Resident Evil 2 is technically a remake, it felt like a completely new experience, scaring us in all-new ways when we played it earlier this year.

Reader’s Choice Winner

Resident Evil 2

It wasn’t even close. Our readers too thought that Resident Evil 2 was far and away the best horror experience of the year, though The Walking Dead: The Final Season and Minecraft both managed to get mentions in the write-ins. It’s clear that many people were big fans of what Capcom managed to do with this remake of a classic, and it’s definitively the best horror game of 2019.

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