Nintendo Switch Knockoff ‘Nanica Smitch’ Is The Gift Literally Nobody Asked For


Image via Sean Wandzilak /

The Nintendo Switch reigns as one of the most coveted holiday gifts year after year, but if you’re getting a present for a gamer on Santa’s naughty list, give them a Nanica Smitch. That’s not a typo.

Game enthusiasts are thoroughly tickled by pictures of a gaming console that appears like a Nintendo Switch to the untrained eye, but is really just a knockoff with alike colors and similarly detachable controllers.

The Nanica Smitch, which has emerged in stores, boasts 800 ROM games under its belt, though it’s likely that the manufacturer behind the Smitch doesn’t have the license to use these titles.

Footage shared by buyers reveals stretched-out graphics that would be frustrating, if not hilarious, to play with.

The console features a 5.5-inch display, TV-out via RCA cables, much thicker JoyCon-like controllers, and runs on four AAA batteries.

According to Techeblog, the ripoff was spotted in Columbia and is priced at around US$50. You’d be better off purchasing a Nintendo Switch Lite at US$199.99, which, while doesn’t have detachable Joy-Con controllers, is compatible with far superior handheld titles by Nintendo Switch.

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[via Techeblog, images via various sources]