Nintendo Shows Off New Nindies With Indie World Showcase


The newest Nindies Showcase has arrived in the form of Indie World, and with it comes a look at many new indie games coming to the Nintendo Switch both today, and throughout next year!

For example, two popular titles that are available to play today on the Switch include The Talos Principle Deluxe Edition, as well as the Switch version of the hit co-op game Dauntless, complete with Switch exclusive items to use and wear.

As for games that are coming soon to Switch, there’s the sequel to the popular Golf Story in the form of Sports Story. The team promises many new things, including even deeper story, more sports to play, more RPG goodness, and more.


Another curious title coming to Switch is called “Murder By Numbers”, where you play a TV personality who has to solve a murder by interviewing everyone, solving clues set to music (made by the composer of the Phoenix Wright games and Viewtiful Joe) and more.

There were even some surprises, including the team behind The Escapists announcing their next title via The Survivalists, and the reveal of Axiom Verge 2.

So if you’re up for seeing some indie game goodness, watch the Indie World showcase below.

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