Nintendo has released an end-of-year report to help Switch owners look back on a year’s worth of gaming (NTDOY)


Nintendo Switch Year in ReviewNintendo

Nintendo has released an end-of-the-year review for Switch owners, giving gamers a personalized report that includes their most-played games and total hours of playtime. You can access it via the official Nintendo website.

Quite a few of this year’s most popular Nintendo Switch releases were lengthy role-playing games that took dozens of hours to complete, like “Fire Emblem: Three Houses” and “Pokemon Sword” and “Pokemon Shield.”

Nintendo Switch Year in ReviewNintendo

The Nintendo Switch keeps track of some playtime data in each player’s profile, but there’s no complete record of how long you’ve been playing. The year in review isn’t comprehensive either, but it has some interesting data like month-by-month playtime.

The report also includes special cards for Nintendo exclusives like “The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening,” and “Super Mario Maker 2.”Nintendo Switch Year in ReviewNintendo

It would be nice to see Nintendo expand its end-of-the-year report to be as detailed and visually exciting as Spotify’s annual recaps, but it’s nice to see Nintendo help players look back on a full year of play.