Top Iftar Dinners For Celebrating Ramadan in Dubai


It’s Ramadan and millions of Muslims around the world are enjoying iftar dinners to break fast after sunset. Iftar is very important and not a meal to hold back on, so in the Middle East it’s not unusual for governments to help with the festivities.

This is the case in the United Arab Emirates, and the government has put together a list of some of the best restaurants to enjoy iftar dinners at. If you’re in Dubai and looking to go out for iftar, even if you’re not Muslim, here are some of the top iftar dinners for celebrating Ramadan in Dubai.


First up on this list of UAE-approved top iftar dinners for celebrating Ramadan in Dubai is Roobaru.

Roobaru, located in Downtown Dubai, is home to delicious Indian dishes available at affordable prices. If you had a full-course meal here buying the priciest dishes every step of the way you would still be able to keep the bill under 100 AED ($27 USD).

And even though Roobaru strictly serves Indian food, dates and dried fruit are still provided to those breaking fast before their main meal.

The Daily – Rove Hotels

Up next from these top iftar dinners for celebrating Ramadan in Dubai, consider heading to The Daily at any of the Rove Hotels in Dubai.

An iftar meal at The Daily will hover around the 150 AED mark ($40 USD), so it’s by no means a cheap meal, but when you dine at The Daily you get the opportunity to treat another.

After your meal The Daily will give you a free meal voucher that you can give to a friend, family member or whoever would want to enjoy a delicious iftar meal at The Daily.

Bounty Beets

For the vegans and vegetarians out there, the UAE recommends Bounty Beets. The restaurant’s broad selection of organic and plant-based dishes earned it a spot among the top iftar dinners for celebrating Ramadan in Dubai.

Bounty Beets is on the more expensive end with their iftar meals running around 139 AED ($38 USD), but that will include a three-course meal with complimentary detox juices and dates.


If you really want to go all out on top iftar dinners for celebrating Ramadan in Dubai, consider heading to COYA.

It’s a Latin American restaurant and the iftar meals are very expensive at 250 AED ($68 USD) per person, but with the prices comes quality and quantity.

Iftar meals at COYA include five courses and classic Latin cuisine across the drinks, appetizers, main courses and desserts.