They love my Jollof Rice, says lady who slept in motor park, now has restaurants in Dubai, sells Nigerian food

  • A Nigerian lady identified as Adeyinka Adeduro has narrated what she passed through when she first arrived in Dubai, UAE in 2008
  • According to Adeduro who is popularly known as Biggy, she relocated to Dubai in 2008 following the advice of family members
  • When she got there, it was tough trying to properly settle down as according to her, she even resorted to sleeping in the motor park
  • But today, things have changed as she is now the proud owner of 2 firmed Biggy African Restaurants in Dubai and is about to open the third

Adeyinka Adeduro, a Nigerian lady born in Lagos has taken her cooking skills to Dubai and she is currently making waves. She owns a popular restaurant brand where she sells popular Nigerian dishes.

She relocated to Dubai in 2008 where she hoped to make a meaningful living. On getting there, things were not palatable at all as she had no place of her own.

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Nigerian lady, Adeyinka Adeduro is a restaurant owner in Dubai.
Adeyinka Adeduro now owns two restaurants in Dubai. Photo credit: @biggyadeduro
Source: Instagram

I slept in motor park

She said she slept in the motor park and at some points slept in the place she use to work. She was earning $200 when she first arrived.

She narrated her story to Channels TV:

“I have been doing this business before I came to Dubai. I had my shop at Ikeja at Oba Akran. I started my work back in Nigeria, not in Dubai.”

She tells what happened when she arrived in Dubai and got a job at a restaurant:

“You know I want to cry. If you come to Dubai and you don’t have God in you. Or you have God but the faith is not there you will lose it. When I got the job, what they are paying me is like $200. There is no accommodation, no visa. But I have the faith, I took the job. But after like one month, the person I’m working with said he can’t do my visa.”

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“There is a couple, they will come in there they will eat. They love my jollof rice. So one day they called me that they love the way I’m working. They say they want to go and open a restaurant, that they want to work with men. I said no problem, my problem is my visa, if you are ready to do my visa, I’m ready to work with you.”

“So they promised that they are going to do visa for me and I go with them. Before I go with them, the place I’m working, that is where I’m sleeping. It’s like a restaurant like this. They gave me a little space like my store here now, I’m sleeping there.”

But all that is now in the past as Adeyinka has gone on to own 2 restaurants in Dubai and is at the verge of opening the third.

Nigerian man opens restaurant in London

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Meanwhile, had also reported that a Nigerian man who lives in London opened a restaurant in a street called Sptafileds.

According to the story, the man started the restaurant with a friend but now runs it alone.

A photo shared online showed how some Oyinbo people lined up to buy food from him.