Maryam Al Muhairi: The United Arab Emirates has a strategic stockpile for times of crisis


Her Excellency Maryam bint Mohammed Saeed Hareb Al Muhairi, Minister of Climate Change and Environment, Chair of the Emirates Food Security Council, revealed that the United Arab Emirates possesses a strategic stockpile of strategic raw materials and food in times of emergencies and crises, and this stock is permanent. supported by strengthening cooperation and coordination with different markets around the world. She added that improving food security and providing adequate strategic stocks for emergencies and the availability of a supply of goods and food in line with and adequate local demand is a strategic priority for the UAE Government. She said – in exclusive statements to the Emirates News Agency, WAM -: “The Emirates Food Security Council is committed to following up on all global developments in the food sector and the movement of supply and supply chains and is working to implement strategic plans and programs, which ensures the handling of food security as a red line and a top priority, and which keeps pace with the vision and directions of the rational management of the state. ” Her Excellence pointed out that the Emirates Food Security Council and the Ministry of Climate Change and the Environment are constantly working to ensure the sustainability and flexibility of supply chains, to explore and adopt new import markets and to facilitate and accelerate the movement of receiving, examining and releasing food consignments. coming to the country in a way that ensures increased supply in the local market and increase the strategic stock according to the highest international food safety and security standards. The UAE attaches great importance to the issue of food safety, launching in November 2018 the National Food Safety Strategy, which aims to develop a comprehensive national system based on the basis of enabling sustainable food production, and defines the elements of the national food basket, which includes 18 types based on three main criteria, namely to know the amount of local consumption of the main products, production and processing capacity and nutritional needs. The strategy includes 38 major short- and long-term initiatives within the vision of 2051 and an action agenda for 2021 and works through strategic directions that focus on facilitating global food trade, diversifying sources of food imports and defining alternative supply plans that include three to five sources for each food category. As part of its successful anticipation of facing food challenges in the face of possible changes that may occur worldwide, the United Arab Emirates has adopted Federal Law No. 3 / of 2020 on regulating the strategic storage of food in the country, which aims to achieve sustainability in the food sector, by regulating food stocks The strategic planner in the country in case of crises, emergencies or disasters.