Dubai Culture Thanks Volunteers for Their Efforts and Contributions to Sikka Art and Design Festival 2022


Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) praised the efforts and distinctive addition made by the volunteers in the 10th edition of Sikka Art and Design Festival, which directly contributed to enriching the festival and enhanced its artistic message through the communication and cooperation skills demonstrated by the volunteers. This is reflected in facilitating and improving the audience’s experience, introducing them to the various activities and performances within the festival, providing guidance and drawing a smile on everyone’s faces, with the help of an experienced staff and in accordance with the highest standards and technical skills.

Volunteers embody the values ​​of cooperation, communication and outstanding performance, all of which align with the culture of corporate happiness at the Authority as part of one of the most prominent pillars of its ambitious strategic roadmap that focuses on cultivating a culture of happy, creative and empowered people and providing a work environment based on the values ​​of cooperation and innovative solutions. The resulting positive impact is reflected on cultural and artistic events and activities, such as this edition of Sikka Art and Design Festival.

Fatima Alhelo, Volunteer Team Leader at Sikka Art and Design Festival, said: “The volunteering team works as a key supporter of the Authority’s role during the festival, which is to highlight young talents through an integrated and effective organisation of activities as well as to facilitate the visitor’s journey and artistic experience throughout the event. From the standpoint of my role as the volunteer team leader, it is a challenge and a new experience for me, as I am responsible for a number of talented young people with their different and creative ideas. At Dubai Culture, we always strive to work on developing the volunteers’ communication and cooperation skills and their capabilities. We aspire to enhance their knowledge about the various sectors of art through their voluntary role at the festival.”

Ahmed Abu-Baker Al Aidarous, a volunteer at Sikka Art and Design Festival, said: “The main reason why I volunteered for this great festival was because it would establish and enrich my technical knowledge and guide me on sharing ideas with people. I began my volunteer work with Sikka Art and Design Festival in 2013, and today, I am happy that this festival is back with new and diverse activities and faces in the artistic field. I am proud to be participating in this important exhibition during Dubai Art Season and look forward to doing everything I can to contribute to its success.”

Abdulla Al Marzooqi, a volunteer at Sikka Art and Design Festival 2022, said: “As volunteers in this festival, our main job is to introduce visitors to the festival’s activities by taking them on trips and tours that include the various alleyways and activities throughout the festival, which attracts many Emirati and UAE- and GCC-based talents. It succeeded in achieving a future shift for art through the modern technologies, and we are fully prepared to support the festival and its activities.”

The efforts of the volunteer team during the activities of Sikka Art and Design Festival 2022 gave the event  character of vitality and interaction between activities and artistic performances, and the public and visitors, who find means, tools and crews at the highest levels of readiness, giving them an opportunity to enhance their experience and access to all the distinctive and diverse creative works presented by the participating artists throughout the event.

Dubai Culture and Arts Authority extends its gratitude to all the volunteers who contributed to enriching the festival through their work and highlighting responsibility and community participation that reflects the culture of the residents of Dubai and the UAE.