Dejavu Entertainments & Events is synonymous with the best Bollywood parties in Dubai


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Dejavu Entertainments & Events is synonymous with the best Bollywood parties in Dubai

Why do you think Dubai’s nightlife is fascinating? Because if there’s anything in this world that can put an end to your monotonous work week, it’s the vibrancy of Dubai. Speaking of which, we remember Dejavu Entertainments & Events, which organizes the best nightlife events in Dubai with extravagant Bollywood ingredients.

Founded by Rahul Kaul in 2012, Dejavu Entertainments & Events has a monopoly on Bollywood parties in Dubai. It has hosted a slew of jaw-dropping events, making it the epitome of lively nighttime events. Let’s see how Dejavu organizes the best Bollywood parties in Dubai, shall we?

Dejavu emerged with the motto of providing a memorable experience. By creating a vibrant atmosphere in the most prestigious clubs in Dubai, Dejavu has established itself as a name of high standing. It has Boudoir and INKA as prime locations. Other than that, it bestows the best music that lets the energy flow through you. Dejavu has collaborated with DJ Shadow, Chetas, Lemon, Aqeel, etc.

It goes without saying that all Dejavu parties are one of a kind. But what makes them even more unique is the appearance of remarkable faces. Want to know which ones?

Apart from its roaring music and super effervescent aura, Dejavu also has guests from the back streets of Tinsel Town like Shah Rukh Khan, Kartik Aaryan, Nora Fatehi, Akshay Kumar, Yo Yo Honey Singh and many more Bollywood celebrities. As the leading event company, Dejavu Founder Rahul Kaul says, “Dejavu was built on the idea of ​​revamping the experience for everyone who attends the event. We put our hearts into making each event bigger, better and more dynamic.”

Some super hit and best Bollywood parties that Dejavu Entertainment & Events have organized is the world’s first Bollywood Music Cruise Party which had 24 hours of live entertainment throughout its 3 days of sailing. Dejavu Entertainments & Events also plans to dominate India and London with the fanciest parties.

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