Chatime UAE, Announces the launch of new branches in the Al Karama and Deira areas of Dubai


DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, April 11, 2022 / — Chatime UAE, the franchisee of Chatime, the leading global bubble tea brand, announces the launch of new branches in the Al Karama and Deira areas of Dubai.

“This is the start of our expansion strategy in Dubai” said Rami Abdin, the newly hired general manager of Chatime UAE. “The expansion for 2022 is proceeding as planned and will include several locations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.” The two new shops are located on Kuwait Street in Al Karama and on Al Rigga Road in Deira.

“We believe we have the most refreshing and innovative drinks and are working hard to raise awareness of bubble tea in the UAE. We aim to create fun tea-drinking moments in a trendy atmosphere. Our drinks of the month and limited time offers are exciting, and our efforts are bearing fruit as we are seeing a growth in popularity of bubble tea in the UAE”

With a focus on natural ingredients, Chatime’s menu consists of milk teas, fruit teas, smoothies, juices, and coffees, in addition to toppings including tapioca pearls, coconut jelly, red beans, pudding, and lychee jelly. With most drinks available both cold and hot, Chatime has drinks for all seasons.

About Chatime
Established in 2005, Chatime is the largest bubble tea franchise in the world, operating more than 2500 outlets in 38 countries.

About Bubble Tea
Bubble tea a is a tea-based drink that originated in Taiwan in the early 1980s. It most commonly consists of tea accompanied by chewy tapioca balls (“boba” or “pearls”), but it can be made with other toppings as well such as grass jelly, aloe vera, red bean, etc. Bubble tea has many varieties and flavors, but the two most popular varieties are black pearl milk tea and green pearl milk tea (“pearl” signifies the tapioca balls at the bottom).

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