Microsoft Xbox Game Pass amass 10 million subscribers


Microsoft’s Q3 2020 earnings report yesterday revealed it has more than 10 million people now subscribed to Xbox Game Pass- its subscription service offering access to a growing selection of PC and Xbox Games.

Microsoft says that gaming in particular “benefited from increased engagement” due to stay-at-home orders. This led to “record engagement,” according to Microsoft communications chief Frank Shaw.

The service was launched in 2017 with more than 100 Xbox games for $9.99 per month, though a separate PC-only sub is available for $4.99. Microsoft also offers a bundled subscription that includes access to both Xbox games, PC games, and Xbox Live for $14.99 per month.

Xbox Live also saw nearly 90 million monthly users this quarter. Microsoft’s games streaming service, Project xCloud, hit “100s of thousands” of active users across its seven preview countries, with 8 more launching in the coming weeks.

That’s nearly a 42.8 per cent increase in the number of monthly active users year-over-year for Xbox Live, as it had 63 million monthly active users a year ago.

“We saw all-time record engagement this quarter, with nearly 19 million active users of Xbox Live, led by the strength on and off-console. Xbox Game Pass has more than 10 million subscribers, and we are seeing increased monetization of in-game content and services,” Amy Hood, Chief Financial Officer, Microsoft, said on Wednesday.

Overall, gaming revenue for the company was down 1 per cent year-over-year and Xbox content and services revenue was up 2 per cent with $33 million.