Mario Kart Tour – New Year’s Tour Starts Today, Adds New Karts and Gliders


A modified Tokyo track and new alternate characters also available until January 14th.

Mario Kart Tour

Today is New Year’s Eve but despite the celebrations, Nintendo has a new tour raring to go for Mario Kart Tour. The update goes live today, titled New Year’s Tour, will modify the Tokyo track and also offer new alternate drivers, new karts and gliders, and much more. Check out the trailer below.

The event will be live from today until January 14th 2020 so if you’re keen on getting a red coloured Yoshi or seeing Mario and friends in new costumes, it might be worth logging in. You’d think the momentum for Mario Kart Tour would be slowing down at this point. However, the free to play kart racer has been performing exceptionally well.

A report from Sensor Tower in October indicated 123.9 million downloads with $37.4 million in revenue for the first month. Those figures have more than likely gone up since then and given the Holidays, Nintendo might see another big bump in revenue for December. We’ll see how things pan out for the title in the new year.

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