Marc Jacobs and Valentino create clothes for Animal Crossing: New Horizons


Marc Jacobs and Valentino have created clothes for ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’.

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs

The luxury fashion brands has collaborated with Nintendo to recreated some of their most popular items for gamers to download for free in the video game.

Valentino has dedicated 20 animated custom looks for both men and women from their Summer/Spring and Pre-Fall 2020 collections, including fluorescent dresses, puffer jackets and logo hats.

Whilst, Marc Jacobs has partnered with the Nintendo Switch title to bring gamers six outfits, featuring balloon-hem dresses and a few of their best-selling sweaters.

Announcing their collection, Marc Jacobs took to Instagram to share a still from the game.

The caption read: “Verified Island state of mind We partnered with @AnimalCrossingFashionArchive to bring six of our favorite #THEMARCJACOBS pieces to #AnimalCrossing. Head to our Stories for download codes (sic)”

To release the outfits, gamers need to visit the Abel Sisters at their tailors and use the terminal at the back of the shop to input a special code given by the fashion retailers on their social media pages.

It comes after the life simulation video game was set to receive a new update that brought two new merchants and an expansion for the museum.

New additions include Leif, a sloth who will run a garden stall, and Redd, the fox and art dealer who sells paintings, sculpture, and furniture.

Leif’s Garden Shop will sell shrubs and flower seeds, and will be found in the plaza similar to other occasional visitors such as Kicks, the shoe and bag seller.

Redd will be found on occasions at players’ “secret beaches”, where he will sell in-game art that can be donated to the museum, which will be expanded to include a brand new art gallery.