Luigi’s Mansion 3 Gets a New DLC Update and Multiplayer Packs Added to the Game


Luigi’s Mansion 3 Gets a New DLC Update and Multiplayer Packs Added to the Game

Nintendo has recently just released the Luigi’s Mansion 3 update to their famous franchise. The update brings in a new DLC features that include new costumes, new floor themes, new ghosts, and new mini-games as well. It was also reported that it was supposed to go live in July. But Nintendo decided to take this chance to release the DLC Pack earlier than expected. Also with the Luigi’s Mansion 3 update they even added new multiplayer pack features that will have fans excited throughout the whole gaming process.

For one of the updates Nintendo adds their multiplayer Pack part 2 to Luigi’s Mansion 3 game. On the Nintendo website; regarding to the Multiplayer Pack Part 2 which is out today, they stated “The three new multiplayer mini-game of ScreamPack mode include PuckStravanganza, an ice-cold blast of hockey-styled havoc; Floaty Frenzy, and obstacle course that will test your wizardry on the water; and Desperate Measures, where you’ll need to skillfully command all the sand on-hand to tip the scales in your favor”.

With the multiplayer Pack, they continue on discussing more in detail about the ScareScraper. They specified that, “ScareScraper mode has three new costumes included in Multiplayer Pack – Part 2, so make sure you dress to impress. The Amazing Luigi looks like he’s got a few magic tricks up his sleeves; Cap’n Weegee brings his own pirate panache; and who better to dig for ancient treasure than the fabled researcher, Paleontoluigist? (Maybe all those puns are why the ghosts keep moaning!)”. Fans will even get an opportunity to witness five new types of rare ghosts.

Going back to the DLC Pack, if purchased fans will receive an in-game Polterpup light which is called the Flashlight Type-P. Fans can use this light to play the ScareScraper mode with or when they play through the main story games. This also entails the Art Viewer mode; this mode gives players the opportunity to browse around concept art pieces created throughout the game’s development. Luigi’s Mansion 3 update is now available on Nintendo Switch.