Lounge and Game establishes a social community for local gamers


ASHLAND — Lounge and Game (LAG) officially opened it’s doors earlier this month, bringing a unique environment for gamers to play, commune and meet other individuals with similar interests to Ashland.

Equipped with the latest and greatest cutting edge video game technology, LAG gives gamers of all backgrounds and lifestyles a chance to share their talents with others.  They have multiple systems encompassing every modern gaming platform including PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4 and the Nintendo Switch.

Every system has online capabilities.

Co-owner of LAG, Dakota Freelon expressed his desire to create a gaming community for kids and adults around the Ashland area.

“It’s just like someone going to a baseball game and talking with new people about how their team is doing; gamers just need a place to go to socialize with people who have similar interests,” said Freelon.  “I want to bring kids out from behind their desk and outside of their house and get them next to other kids who are doing the same things that they are doing. 

“The friendships I’ve seen coming together in here so far are pretty cool.”

Freelon was born and raised in Ashland, but moved to Scottsdale, Arizona with a business partner. He originally planned to open the lounge in that area, but as time moved on, Freelon decided that Ashland would be an appropriate place to establish a gaming lounge.

The 26-year-old returned to Ashland, and LAG was created.

“The community is so amazing here; it really is,” Freelon said. “It’s like one big family here.  I’ve been thoroughly impressed and I’ve been really proud of everyone who comes in here.”

Freelon played video games professionally for 5 years, turning his talents into a business.  He hopes to inspire and teach kids who aim to pursue the same career path.

LAG also offers several unique gaming experiences. There’s a racing simulator, streaming computer for platforms such as Twitch and Mixer, virtual reality room and a Rock Band room dedicated to group jam sessions with friends who can each take their own instrumental position including guitar, drums and vocals.

In the near future, LAG will also have a food bar that will sell burgers, chips, candy bars and energy drinks for gamers to indulge in during their sessions.  There are also several tables set up dedicated for board games.

Lounge and Game is open seven days a week, except on holidays, from 2 p.m. to 2 a.m. and is located at 85 Amberwood Parkway near the Walmart plaza.  

Gamers pay an hourly rate to use the lounge.

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