Lifesight launches flux, an audience insights, activation, measurement platform


Singapore: Leading real world data and analytics company Lifesight today announced the release of its signature offering, Flux, which is an AI-powered audience platform that is designed for brands, agencies and OOH companies to activate and measure programmatic mobile campaigns.

Speaking on the launch of Flux, Lifesight Co-founder and CEO Tobin Thomas said, “The programmatic advertising industry has been seeing some huge changes with privacy laws coming into effect along with browser based limitations. We launched Flux to help brands and agencies still be able to effectively reach, engage and measure their right mobile audience.”

The latest iteration of Lifesight’s flagship platform has some brand new features up its sleeve. Some of these include –  

  • Deeper Audience Insights – Brands and agencies can leverage online and offline behavioural insights of their target audience and back their media pitch with real world data.
  • Custom Audience Generation – The audience builder enables self-serve custom audience generation, which can then be pushed to popular ad platforms for activation.
  • Audience measurements – Flux helps measure the impact of marketing campaigns on store visits and subsequently, evaluate results and ROI to optimize campaigns in-flight.

The new features are designed to enable brands and agencies of all sizes adopt data-driven practices in their marketing strategies and leverage high quality consumer data and insights at scale.

“Over the last three years, the team at Lifesight has been on a mission to help brands, enterprises and agencies understand connected consumers as holistically as possible. When we launched the first version of the platform in early 2018, we didn’t expect it to be adopted so widely and rapidly. It is a testament to Lifesight’s capabilities in solving real pain points within the industry and we have since become the leading trusted name in this space. The features and capabilities we are announcing today is just the tip of the iceberg, with hundreds of new features in the works for Flux as we speak. Clearly, we are just getting started,” Tobin concluded.

About Lifesight:

Lifesight is a real world data and analytics company helping marketers understand, target, and measure consumers based on real-world behaviours. Lifesight’s robust platform and data solutions power business decisions, audience activation and measurement for leading brand marketers. The company is headquartered in Singapore with a rapidly expanding footprint in the Asia Pacific region operating in Malaysia, Indonesia, India, UAE, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. To learn more, visit 

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