Joy-Con drifting fixed using a Valve Steam Controller


The now discontinued Valve Steam Controller may not have had a great run among PC gamers, but it’s helped one Nintendo Switch player fix his Joy-Con drifting issue. The Joy-Con drift issue is something quite a few Nintendo Switch owners experience. It’s infuriating because it continuously detects an input in the left Joy-Con’s joystick, meaning that any game being played will detect the input and translate it accordingly. This could simply mean that a camera is always moving, or it could result in a character walking off a cliff. Whatever game the issue affects, the result is always bad.

However, Matteo Pisani, a hardware enthusiast, has managed to fix his Joy-Con drifting by using parts found in a Valve Steam Controller. He provided a full explanation of the fix but also showcased the new controller in a video.

[embedded content]

It’s a really impressive fix, with the joystick on the Joy-Con being replaced by the touchpad interface on the Valve Steam Controller. While the design isn’t finalized, Pisani wants to refine it so that the entire thing fits within a Joy-Con casing. It’s a great start.

The Joy-Con drift issue reportedly affects both base Nintendo Switch models and Nintendo Switch Lite. While Nintendo is offering to repair broken Joy-Con, the issue needs to be corrected in products that are still being manufactured.