Is there a Winter Love Island game? Creators hint at season 3 developments!


Those obsessed with ITV dating series Love Island are as equally besotted by the official game.

Launching in 2018 in correlation with the fourth series, mobile game developers Fusebox Games gifted the world with an addictive Love Island-style game, where gamers entered the villa themselves through nothing more than a wiggle of their thumbs.

A hugely popular second series followed in 2019 as Love Island the Game season 2 launched, complete with a host of brilliant new features including a baby episode storyline and more characters.

Gamers on both ioS and Android were transfixed by the likes of hunky Bobby, Noah and Lucas, sharing their hilarious adventures on social media.

Now, with a brand new Love Island series on TV, will Fusebox launch season 3 in the form of a Winter Love Island game?

From ITV Studios
Love Island: SR6 on ITV2
Pictured: Callum Jones, Leanne Amaning, Sophie Piper, Ollie Williams, Shaughna Phillips, Jess Gale, Eve Gale, Connor Durman, Nas Majeed, Mike Boateng, Paige Turley and Siânnise Fudge.

Is there a Winter Love Island game?


Unfortunately, Fusebox will not be making a Winter Love Island game to launch in correlation with the brand new TV series.

The ITV dating show launches on Sunday, January 12th with a shorter winter series lasting somewhere between four and five weeks.

A full cast has already been announced, meaning you’ll have to kill the winter months with the likes of twins Eve and Gale rather than the AI versions offered up by Fusebox.

Will there be a Love Island the game season 3?

Very likely.

It’s more than likely that the team at Fusebox are saving themselves for the summer series of Love Island (season 7) and will release Love Island the game season 3 in conjunction with the show, around June/July.

Drawing up ever-changing storylines and endless twists and turns is a pretty complex process!

The crew at Fusebox exclusively teased to Reality Titbit that something new was in the works: “We have an announcement that we will be making at the end of January, but cannot say more than that at this stage.”

It has also been announced that the current Love Island the game season 2 is receiving a significant update aimed at improving user experience as we speak.

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Screen Shot: Love Island Game version 2

Screen Shot: Love Island Game version 2

How to download and play the Love Island game

If you’re new to the game then you can always test drive the season 1, as it still available to download from both the iOS and Google Play stores.

Nonetheless, the game is pretty easy to pick up.

You select a character and design them as you please – a bit like SIMS – before embarking on the typical Love Island journey.

Your task is to earn gems by flirting and making friends. You can then spend the gems on new outfits and earn enough points to go on dates, ensuring that you’re always the number one pick when it comes to the recoupling showdowns.

Rat out the liers from the true romantics and find your one true love as the game unfolds.

The best part is that with 100s of varying storylines, you could end up with anyone. You and your friends are unlikely to finish the game with the same partner!