Hyper Scape Console Releases with a Season One Trailer


Hyper Scape Console Releases with a Season One TrailerHyper Scape Console Releases with a Season One Trailer

When Ubisoft first showcase Hyper Scape a month ago, fans were excited about the new battle royale game coming out. It’s now confirmed with a recent trailer released Ubisoft’s YouTube channel by showing Hyper Scape first season and revealing the gaming console release date which will be coming out on next month. This will mark Ubisoft’s first venture into the popular multiplayer genre.

On the official Ubisoft website discussing about console release, they stated that, “Hyper Scape, the free to play, frenetic battle royale, is coming to PS4 and Xbox One starting August 11. Season 1, titled ‘The First Principle,’ will introduce new limited-time game modes, a new weapon and hack, new features for Crowncast (Hyper Scape’s interactive Twitch extension), and provide insight into the lore and universe of Hyper Scape.”

Just like other popular royale games, the trailer shows that it is confirmed that Hyper Scape will be structured into seasons with the premiere of season 1 coming along pretty soon. Even though fans aren’t entirely sure about what will change over the seasons. During the trailer it promises fans new weapon in the Dragonfly, a fresh hack in Magnet, and limited-time modes which will include a 100 tier battle pass.

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They continued stating that, “The First Principle will also introduce new limited-time game modes, a new in-game Melee event (which makes all melee attacks instantly lethal), and both a free and premium 100-tier Battle Pass.”

For the game’s PC Open Beta it will run until August 2 because of cross-progression, any items players unlock whether it’s through the in-game shop or the current 30-tier Battle Pass, they will carry over the console version when the game officially launches. Thanks to Crowncast Twitch extension, players will be able to progress to a Battle Pass by watching Twitch streams even if they haven’t played the game on PC.

With this new trailer being release, it gives fans a way more different perspective on how Hyper Scape is going to play out and what fans should be looking for once Season 1 releases. Hyper Scape Season 1 will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on August 11.