Horizon Zero Dawn & Uncharted: The Lost Legacy coming to PC via PS Now


Sony has announced the introduction of two high-class PlayStation 4 exclusives to their game streaming service PS Now. Guerilla Games’ excellent futuristic dinosaur adventure Horizon Zero Dawn and Naughty Dog’s stand-alone Uncharted: The Lost Legacy will come to PS Now in January. They will only be available for a limited time, so you better get to play them rather sooner than later.

This year has truly been a milestone in terms of console platform holders embracing multi-platform game releases. With Microsoft opening up the floodgates and even porting their most premier Xbox Halo games to the PC, gamers have been looking at Sony and Nintendo to follow suit. While Nintendo is still firmly keeping their exclusives actually exclusive, Sony has shown more flexibility.

Unlike Microsoft however, Sony isn’t bringing their big guns natively to PC. Instead, the company is using their impressive stack of exclusives to leverage their gaming streaming/subscription service PS Now. Horizon Zero Dawn & Uncharted: The Lost Legacy are the newest additions to Sony’s ever-growing service and marks the first time both titles can be enjoyed without a PlayStation 4. While subscribers of PS Now who also own a PS4 can choose between streaming the games or downloading them to play locally, on PC only game streaming is an option. Both games will be available on PS Now only between January 2nd until April 7th, 2020.

PS Now is a criminally underrated service which actually combines two types of game services which are being talked these days constantly. Like Google Stadia or Project xCloud, it allows game streaming over the internet. But it simultaneously offers a gaming subscription which is already over 800 titles strong, across PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. You can sign up to PS Now for as low as $4.99 with a yearly plan or $9.99 a month. With next-gen heating up quickly, these types of cross-platform services are looking to become more and more popular while diluting the traditional platform barriers.