Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition heading to PC on 7 August 2020



For those who enjoy playing games with superior graphics on a PC, the chance for you to play one of the open-world RPGs around is coming soon. Guerilla Games has confirmed that Horizon Zero Dawn will be available on PC soon, with a few improvements over the original Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) version to make it worth the wait.

Originally an exclusive PS4 title, Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition will now bring the game to the PC audience via Steam and Epic Games Store on 7 August 2020. According to the new trailer, Guerrilla Games has made some new improvements to the PC version of the game, mostly on the graphical side.

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Specifically, the Complete Edition provides PC players with support ultrawide resolution, dynamic foliage, improved reflections, and more. You have a higher degree of control over these graphical settings in the menu, which also lets you customise your controls. It even comes with a custom benchmark tool that you can run, then show off how powerful your PC is to friends.

If you’re keen on getting the game, it’s already up for pre-purchase on Steam for RM80 or on Epic Games Store for USD 21.49 (~RM92). So, are you going to buy this game? Do let us know on our Facebook page and stay tuned to TechNave.com for more news like this.