Ghost of Tsushima Is “The Biggest Game Sucker Punch Has Ever Made By A Wide Margin”


Don’t forget, these guys made inFamous.

ghost of tsushima

Among the remaining major PS4 exclusives still to come, Ghost of Tsushima is the one we know least about, but it is also – quite possibly – the one many are most excited about. Recently, at The Game Awards, Sony showed off a meaty new trailer of the game, showcasing its beautiful visuals once more, while also showing plenty of new gameplay footage.

Following that, Sucker Punch communications manager Andrew Goldfarb wrote an update on the open world title on the official PlayStation blog, revealing some interesting new details on the game. According to Goldfarb, Ghost of Tsushima is the largest game this studio has ever created “by a large margin” – and for a studio that made three inFamous games, that’s no small feat.

Ghost of Tsushima is huge – the biggest game Sucker Punch has ever made by a wide margin,” he wrote. “Our trailer includes some quick glimpses of the vibrant, diverse open world you’ll get to explore, but we’ve barely scratched the surface.”

Goldfarb also dropped some gameplay teases, saying that though players will start out as a samurai, they’ll upgrade protagonist Jin throughout the game to learn various other new techniques. “While Jin starts our game as a samurai, he’ll learn skills and adopt tactics that are decidedly not samurai-like, and you can get a small taste in the footage we revealed today. In the months ahead, we’ll share more about Jin, the threats he faces, the allies that help him along his journey, and what he’ll have to give up to become this new kind of warrior,” he wrote. Details on many of these will be arriving in 2020 prior to the game’s launch.

And when does it launch? Ghost of Tsushima is out for the PS4 in Summer 2020.