Microsoft certainly had a good show this year at E3 and Corporate Vice President of Xbox Program Management Mike Ybarra talked about it in an interview on the Japanese magazine Weekly Famitsu.

Ybarra explained that what Microsoft has to do is to firmly understand what gamers are asking of them. He promised to “continue to listen to the gamers’ voices” and continuously focusing on providing what gamers want. Specifically, they heard the requests from the fans that wanted more exclusive games, which is why they brought five new studios under their first-party umbrella.

He also talked about the next generation, explaining that what Xbox Division Head announced on stage is the intention to “stay deeply involved in the living room.” Even about that, Ybarra intends to keep listening to what gamers want from now on in order to provide the best gaming experience.

Ybarra also talked about the new Halo, titled Halo Infinite.  The game will focus on Master Chief, and this is also a response to the enthusiastic requests of those who want to play Master Chief’s story. What he’s most excited about is the new engine Slipspace, but he can’t say more about this.

If you want to read more about Microsoft’s plans, you can also check out what Phil Spencer himself said in a recent interview.


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