Done playing the new Spider-Man game on PS4, which got nominated for this year’s Game of the Year award? Looking forward to going through another run at The Last of Us? Having fun with Diablo III on the go with its recent release on the Nintendo Switch?

Some of these games immerse you with their addicting gameplay and others with their graphics. Then there are games where you need a stable internet connection to join hundreds of other players in one seamlessly connected world.

Other games draw players in with their excellent storytelling and voice acting.

But what is voice over work in video games? How does it work and why is it important?

Read on and find out more.

What is a Voice Over in Video Games?

It’s the art or profession of giving voices to certain aspects of video games. This can include narrations, characters, and other important parts of the game. It’s a critical aspect of games since a lot of people like games more when they have full-on voice overs.

In countries that make a lot of games like the United States and Japan, voice actors get paid a lot. Some of them become celebrities and get high amounts of payment depending on the character they voice. The market is highly competitive so it’s important to have the right skill set to become successful.

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Why Do Voice Overs Work in Video Games?

A lot of the best games in history show the power of good voice overs. They’re used to convey the game’s mood and overall atmosphere. It doesn’t matter whether it’s delivered in a positive or negative way.

It goes without saying that it isn’t the only thing that matters in video games. But it’s not wise to underestimate the impact it makes on the quality of the game. Performances by people with a great voice over ability carry scenes even when their voice over scripts has poor quality.

The opposite is true: bad voice over performances will ruin great narratives without any difficulty. That’s why it’s important for game developers to pick only the best voice over talents in the market. What this means is that there is a lucrative market for people who want to immortalize their voices in games.

Why is Voice Over Important?

The most important thing to remember about video games is the fact that it’s a global phenomenon. A lot of the most popular titles see same-day releases across multiple markets in the world. Localizing a game from its English always worked when you’re trying to get global success with your games.

But with the maturity of other countries’ video game industries, some of their local games now see an English release. Two countries emerge as strong competitors in this area-Brazil and South Korea.

Another reason for the rising importance of voice overs is the fact that games are now more complex. It’s a common phenomenon for Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games (MMORPG) littered with players. These games often have large, open worlds that have hundreds or even thousands of non-player characters.

These two trends work side by side to increase the importance of voice overs. It’s especially critical when game companies need to localize their video games. The process became more complicated, but with good management, it’s not impossible.

How to Manage the Voice Over Casting?

Are you looking to develop your very own game? If so, it’s important to know how to cast the best people for the voice overs for your characters. These tips help in managing talents and give you the means of localizing your games for foreign markets.

1. Focus on the Main Characters

A lot of games focus on a group of core characters. These might include the characters players use as a means to experience the game. Some of these main characters can include the villains that plague the players instead.

These characters often have a lot of dialogue lines as well as a wider performance range. Often, you might need to record dialogue while dubbing complicated movements. Lastly, these characters have longer lifespans compared to other aspects within the game.

With this, the main characters have more interactions with other, less significant characters. Depending on your game, you might find yourself with 30-40 core characters. The range can increase the more complex your game is.

If you need to cast talents, prioritize these characters first. That means you need to assign a talent on each of these characters. Make sure that their resting voice fits since it helps prevent strains from too much line delivery.

2. Give All Character and Audio References You Have

Narrowing down your casting choices is easy if you have references. You can give the original VO file as a means of giving the right set of criteria. Take note that you can deviate from this if you’re trying to localize a game.

After all, you need to change it based on the locale’s cultural expectations. That means you need to match the talent based on the character’s bio or their ethnic background. It should also fit the character’s portrait or screenshots.

It becomes easier for voice over talents if they can see the character they’re going to voice. It can help them deepen their performance. It’s possible since they have a visual aspect and thus make a voice appropriate to the appearance.

Ensure that the information is easy to access. It’s better if you sort them out in neat collections of data and files. That makes it easier for talents to find a possible character to voice over with.

What is Voice Over? Learn More Today!

Video games continue to become part of the society. Its impact on people is deep, and it’s expected for them to stay for a long time. But as we progress, the games we play become more complicated and have higher production value.

What is voice over to games now? It’s a hallmark of excellence. This is especially the case if the performance is stellar and the script is magnificent.

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