One of my favorite games of the past decade is a wonderful little collection called NES Remix. From indiezero and Nintendo, this trio of games took classic NES titles and reimagined how people played them. It was a fantastic success, but after watching the trailer below for Triforce, I realize there are so multiple more interesting ways to reimagine classic games than merely replacing Mario with Link.

From Patrick LeMieux and Stephanie Boluk, Triforce takes areas and locations from The Legend of Zelda and applies them to dissimilar 3D surfaces, anything from a donut to a cylinder. The object of the game is to locate the three Triforce pieces, but there are other secrets to be found as well. It’s a neat curio that’ll only take you about 15 minutes to run over once depending on how well you’re able to navigate the tricky dungeons. Be warned, playing with a touchpad instead of a mouse does make for a more difficult trek.

Triforce: The Topologies of Zelda is a trippy take on the NES masterpiece screenshot

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