Like a hurricane, E3 has come and gone but in place of damage and destruction, we’re left with bevy of game announcements and news. Hooray! 
Here’s some of my most anticipated games featured at E3 2018!
5.  Halo Infinite ( Xbox One)

Halo 5 was a double-edge sword; Amazing multiplayer, atrocious campaign pretty much sums it up. Fans were more than vocal about their displeasure of the mediocre campaign, an aspect of Halo that has been always lauded previous entries. Is 343 Industries answering their call with Halo Infinite?

Hard to tell but it seems the team is taking a “back to basics” approach with this entry. Running real time on their touted Slipspace Engine, the demo boasted lush vibrant graphics, with familiar wildlife and vistas that would make any Halo fan feel at home. The demonstration trailer looked absolutely gorgeous and has piqued my interest in what Halo Infinite has in store for us…whenever it’s supposed to drop. Rumor has it, it may be next gen. Bad move, save Halo now!

Predictions just off the trailer: This game will probably have an open world. Judging from the strong focus on the creatures and landscapes and also the word Infinite may imply a Halo game with scale we haven’t seen before. It also seems to harken the atmosphere from the first Halo game? Prequel perhaps?

The money shot..because of the helmet of course

4. Resident Evil 2 [2019](Playstation 4, Xbox One)

Did not see this coming. On the first viewing of the showcase, I thought it was something completely different. From the angles and perspective, it seemed we were going to play a character of minisucle nature. There was so much detail between the cans and boxes, it seemed like we’d be transversing from this small character’s perspective but then when I saw a zombie I automatically thought Resident Evil but then when I saw a newly-designed Leon with the gun I got flashbacks from Resident Evil 2 and knew for sure this was a remake.

There isn’t much on this remake set for release January 2019 but the anticipation for it is immense. Judging by a few snippets of footage, this remake may be in the same vein as the style popularized by Resident Evil 4. 

Just over the horizon, this one looks to be not just a nostalgia trip but an all new ride.

3. Spider-Man (Playstation 4) 

I usually avoid comparing games if I can but from the Spider-Man‘s gameplay and presentation it seems Insomniac Games is doing to Spider-Man what Rocksteady did for Batman.  The prison scenes are just so remineant of Arkham Asylum and like Batman, Spider-Man is taking down a ton full of prisoners in signature fashion. Luckily, because of prior videos we know there’s a lot more to this game such as complete open world of New York City.

Maybe it’s The Amazing Spider-Man sequel we were robbed of (Andrew Garfield was an amazing Spider-Man!) I digress.

The graphics are highly-impressive. Details, silky animation, Spider-man’s style  and enough bad guys to dine on knuckle sandwiches for days. I cannot be more excited to play this game.

Dropping September 2018, this looks to be the Spider-Man game of our dreams.

This pose is absolutely perfect, game gets a 10 out of 10.

2. Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise (Playstation 4)

Although out in Japan since April, there was no news of this game coming stateside which had me worried but E3 2018 came through and like Santa Clause gave me the best present a 30-something-year-old man could ask for: A Fist of the North Star game slated for the US this October.
If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you’ll know I love Fist of the North Star aka Hokuto No Ken. It’s my favorite anime of all time and for so long the only game to truly capture the action was Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage. Mediocre game to most people (looking at you Sterling) but serviceable game for fanboy like myself
Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise seems to be leagues above the previous Dynasty Warriors-styled gameplay of previous console games, this time taking a page from the Yakuza series. I’m not familiar much with the Yakuza type game so this will be an all new experience for me. Sega must have a lot of confidence in the game since they actually provided a localized dialog, something they haven’t done since the first Yakuza game
Can’t wait to “Atatatatatatatatatatatatatata!!!!” my enemies to death this fall. 
You won’t find a malier game this generation. 
1. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Nintendo Switch)

Though long, the presentation was geniusly jaw-dropping.

“Everyone is Here!” is the entire takeaway from the E3 reveal. Every. Smash. Fighter. Ever.  I mean what else can I say? I have no doubt that this game will place the most mileage on my Switch.

The presentation was very informative to watch, it gave you everything you needed to know and still left you wanting to know more. Masahiro Sakurai gave us a bit of insight in new features and character changes. With every character from all entries and the possibility of future DLC characters, this game will be more stuffed than a turkey at a Black Thanksgiving dinner.

The Smash to smash all Smashes, hits stores holiday 2019. 

Picture says it all.


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