Indie developers Lightfoot Brothers have revealed that their point and click adventure game The Mystery of Woolley Mountain has launched on PC and Nintendo Switch, with a new launch trailer being provided to give us a sense of what’s going on.

The inspirations for this game include classics like Day of the Tentacle and the Monkey Island series, according to the press release, and Ron Gilbert – who has worked on hit adventure games like Maniac Mansion – was one of the backers that helped bring the game to life.

As for what this particular adventure is about, there’s a witch who’s kidnapping the children of Woolley Mountain, and so a group of time-traveling audio scientists need to go on a journey to stop her over three acts. You have four unique interactions at your disposal, and you’ll need to use these to solve puzzles, all while listening to the “electro-indie synth-pop soundtrack”.

Lead developer James Lightfoot said: “Woolley Mountain is out now for you to experience and play, and we really hope we’ve created a world that you want to exist and play in over and over again. So, jump on into the Crystal Submarine and set sail with the renegade audio scientists, the Helmholtz Resonators, and stop the evil witch and rescue the children of Woolley Mountain!”

The Mystery of Woolley Mountain launches for £9.99 ($12.99 USD/€10.99) on both PC and Switch, but there’s a 25% discount during launch week for those who pick it up early.

Will you adventure game fans be picking this up?

The Mystery of Woolley MountainThe Mystery of Woolley Mountain
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