No one person should have all that power.


We’ve already talked about how Spider-Man on PS4 won’t let you change the time of the day until you finish the game- however, it looks like that won’t be the only ability you get upon completing the game. During a livestream, Insomniac Games confirmed that in addition to being able to change the time of the day for the game once you have completed the story, you will also gain control over New York City’s weather- so, you think it’s too cloudy? Time to make it sunny. You think your life would be easier with snow? You’ve got the power to make that happen.

The good news is that that should also actually help you with lining up some good shots for the game’s Photo Mode, if nothing else- I know I’d want to take full advantage of the weather for some great shots for my Twitter feed.

Spider-Man launches exclusively on the PlayStation 4 on September 7.


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