Samsung plans a huge marketing campaign for the Galaxy Note 9 with lots of incentives for different types of customers. The South Korean company will advertise its flagship as the perfect phone for business and gaming.

The latter is covered by a surprising partnership with Epic Games studio, developer of the Fortnite smash hit. Apparently, the only way to play the Android version of the game will be to purchase the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, at least for the first four months.

After that, Epic Games plans to distribute the game directly through its official website in order to avoid Google’s 30% cut. Obviously, that will require Android users some extra preparations that will allow them to install apps from third-party services.

Among the many promotions that Samsung plans to offer to those who pre-order the Galaxy Note 9, there’s one aimed at gamers. The folks over at XDA Developers have just found a string within the Epic Games website that confirms Samsung Galaxy Note 9 pre-orders will come with 15,000 V-Bucks in tow.

What’s interesting is that anyone playing Fortnite who would want to purchase 15,000 V-Bucks in-game currency will have to pay no less than $150. Naturally, there will be other options for those who pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, within the same value range.

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