Ryan Lambie

Jul 26, 2018

It’s another great 2D indie action RPG coming to the Nintendo Switch. Salt And Sanctuary will be available in August…

There are two things vital to any gamer’s happiness: a warm, safe place to live and a healthy level of sodium in their diet. Thank goodness, then, for Salt And Sanctuary – a 2D action RPG that offers plenty of both. 

Originaly released by Ska Studios in 2016 for platforms like the PS4 and PC, Salt And Sanctuary is a 2D action game that draws inspiration from the classic Dark Souls. But while the jumping and side-scrolling movement might suggest another nostalgic platformer, Salt And Sanctuary also has the same kind of depth as one of those Souls games. There are skill trees, a variety of magic and ranged attacks, and a staggering inventory of 600 items to collect.

What you can’t miss, though, is the art style: a gorgeous mix of sepia tones and greys, all rendered by hand and beautifully animated. 

Two years on, and Salt And Sanctuary’s getting a welcome port to the Switch; we’ve said it many times in the past, but Nintendo’s dinky hybrid is fast becoming a haven for great platformers and indie games. With the other releases getting great reviews on release, there’s no reason why Salt And Sanctuary won’t provide the same experience on the Big N’s system.

If you need a bit more convincing, we’ve included the Switch announcement trailer below. Salt And Sanctuary will be bringing its housing and sodium-based delights to the Nintendo Switch on the 2nd August.


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