Yeah, I get it — “unsettling” is kind of the whole point of the “psychological horror” genre. However, the upcoming PS4 exclusive S.O.N (or South of Nowhere) is leaning into that element hard in its spooky gameplay trailer.

The game, coming December 11th, tells the story of Robert Alderson in search of his missing son. True to the title, the game takes place in a Pennsylvanian forest dubbed the “South of Nowhere.” And it is in that setting that fear has managed to take over his psyche in a way only players can appreciate.

The brand new trailer from developer RedG studios has no jump scare, but is filled with ambient tones, quiet footsteps, and the sound of silence. Candle-lit trails are illuminated in front of you, provided it isn’t broad daylight. Not that the daylight helps–undead corpses seem attached to the trees, looking desperately to free themselves from the bind. A radio is used to tell when you are close to something you may not want to be with different channels bringing in a haunting message: “you’re going to die.”

In short, the visual cues and the sound design are hammered home, and hopefully the pace of the game matches.

As mentioned above, S.O.N (or South of Nowhere) is a PS4 exclusive launching on December 11, 2018. Check out the gameplay trailer below:

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