Nintendo is on top of the world, and with the explosive success of the Nintendo Switch, it’s only gaining momentum. It’s not only the console and handheld market Nintendo looks to dominate, however. Nintendo is also looking to establish its brand in the mobile gaming world, and Paris Hilton has apparently appointed herself to be Nintendo’s pop culture ambassador. She let Nintendo know exactly what it needs to do in order to capture the all-important mobile market:

— Paris Hilton (@ParisHilton) January 6, 2018

Alright, so, it’s not actually called “Nintendo Dogs,” it’s Nintendogs, but we’re willing to overlook that little mistake; she’s excited. More importantly, she’s actually right. Guys, Paris is right! Nintendogs would make perfect sense on mobile, and it’s a game that did extremely well for Nintendo when it launched on the DS back in 2005. Everything about Nintendogs was designed to enable players to pet, pamper, and play with their pooches using the DS touch-screen. This experience would translate beautifully to smartphones.

I bet you guys didn’t know this, but Paris actually has a pretty extensive history with Nintendo. Her tweet is coming from a place of sincerity. In fact, Paris has actually pimped several Nintendo products in the past. Check out a few of these pictures from various parties and hardware launches:


Here she is, a proud owner of a brand new GameCube. She gets instant cred for owning one of Nintendo’s most under-appreciated consoles. Here she is again holding her beloved Nintendo DS, which we can only assume was running “Nintendo Dogs” at the time:


Kind of weird, right? I bet you didn’t know Paris was such an avid Nintendo fan, but there you have it. Will Nintendo take her advice and resurrect Nintendogs as its next mobile game? If it does, I’m pretty sure we can count on seeing some marketing footage featuring Paris.




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