Nidhogg 2 is heading to Nintendo Switch on November 22, and when you think about it, it sounds like a match made in heaven. If you’ve not come across it (or its streamlined but equally good predecessor) before, the game puts two players in a side-scrolling duel to the death, and it sounds like developer Messhof has done the decent things and has taken advantage of the Joy-Cons to facilitate multiplayer swordplay on the go. Check out the evocative text that accompanied the trailer attached below, and for more details you can find our review here.

Harnessing the eldritch magic of the Nintendo Switch, there’s never been so many ways to offer your fleshy vessel to the wurm. Take it on the go and play in Handheld Mode. Unsheath the Joy-Cons and fight for the wurms love with friends on the Switch screen itself. Dock the console, grab a controller, and play in your own den of horrors. Whichever you choose, prepare for a gory game of tug-of-war as you stab, cleave and impale anyone that dares stand in your way, fighting for glorious sacrifice to the wurm at the other end of the screen.

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