Good Shepherd Entertainment and CraftForge Games have released a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming turn based espionage strategy game Phantom Doctrine which is scheduled for release on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC (via Steam and GOG) on 14th August.  This new trailer focuses on agent debriefing after missions, and you can watch it below…

Phantom Doctrine

Phantom Doctrine provides a deep single player campaign mode that sees players lead a rogue intelligence cell called The Cabal.  This organisation fights against a global conspiracy during the Cold War tensions of the 1980s with the aim to expose those who would plunge the world into chaos.  Players will need to develop a base of operations, investigate cases, train agents, forge documentation, research new tech and even brainwash enemies.  The single player mode will allow players to experience the story as a KGB counterintelligence operative or a renegade CIA commando.

Phantom Doctrine will be available on the 14th August on Xbox One, PS4 and PC and as part of the game’s special launch campaign, anyone who purchases the game on Steam or GOG within two weeks of its release will automatically be upgraded to the game’s Deluxe Versions free of charge.  Plus there’s the % launch discount as well.

CreativeForge Games, the makers of Hard West, present Phantom Doctrine, a new Turn-Based espionage thriller. Players lead The Cabal, a rogue intelligence cell fighting back against a global conspiracy amidst the 1980s Cold War tensions. Develop your base of operations in the shadows, investigating cases, training agents, forging documents and identities, researching new tech, and interrogating and brainwashing enemies for strategic advantage. Campaign missions encourage player choice with a variety of unique encounters – drop your operatives into the field with heavy weapons for an all-out siege, or deploy them incognito for a quieter stealth assault.

Decode and analyze your way through immersive investigations to expose far-reaching conspiracies and elusive targets. Delve into the oppressive dark corners of the volatile 1980s with atmospheric visuals and an unnerving soundtrack by the award-winning composer Marcin Przybylowicz, of The Witcher 3 fame.

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