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Those of you who follow me on Twitter (see link on the side) know that lately I’ve been playing a lot of Dragon Quest Builders (mine is the Nintendo Switch version, it is on PS4, & PS Vita. Usually when gaming I have several on the go which I switch between regularly, but all I’ve been playing (aside from a few mobile games) is DQB. I’ve never played any of the Dragon Quest rpg games, so I don’t know any of the locations in Dragon Quest Builders or the monsters, although one kind look like both Hershey’s Kisses chocolate 
and a monster in the Atelier series (possibly called a puni).
not my gameplay
 See how similar they all are? Most of the monsters are fun to look at, almost all want to kill me, but it’s fun bashing them on the head with a hammer. That isn’t the only weapon I have, but it’s the most used because it’s the best for bashing items which you can then use to help build up your base. 
I haven’t played many sandbox games, which I think are games where you get to do a lot of building/meeting people, but this one has completely won my heart. It’s just so cool! Yes there are monsters to fight, including some bosses, but they aren’t the main focus of the game. Building is what DQB is all about, searching out new materials so you can craft tools and workstations to make items that will increase your base value and make the inhabitants happier. 
This is Miss Multi-Console’s screenshot, I think she built this!!! You can find her on Youtube. I love watching her walkthrough while I play DQB, her reactions are similar to mine and hilarious.
There are four chapters, each using a different world (so yes you do have to build a base 4 times and relearn skills, but I love buildling so much I don’t care.). After chapter one you can then access a freeplay mode which gives you so much space to build on, with items learned from chapters already completed being available once you get the materials and items needed to craft them. You can then show off some of your building prowess to others online. 
I’m currently on chapter 2, which isn’t as vibrant as chapter one in colour because it’s in a poisoned land, so I’m making good use of grass seeds to brighten my base. In chapter 1 I actually replayed it part way through because I wanted to change the layout of my base. I nearly did the same in chapter 2, because monsters kept breaking through my multiple walls and invading my base, but I’m slowly changing it without having to start from scratch. I had so many items I didn’t want to do that this time. 
There are quests to be completed which help you learn new skills and explore new areas: some are in the land around you, others have to be accessed through portals. I do a lot of harvesting of items wherever I go, as well as completing the quests. I often don’t complete quests for ages because I have such fun creatingn my base and making it look nice. 
My character looks just like this, with green eyes.
A big plus of the game is that I can play as a girl (unlike the latest Dragon Quest game which only has a male protagonist), wearing cute clothes that I will discuss in a later post. There is a lot of customisation of hair and eye colour so you can make your character be as cool as you like. I think I’m enjoying it so much because when I was little I would take a deck of cards and create corridors and rooms using the cards.  I’d make up stories about the ‘houses’ I made, using my imagination and occasionally a few toys. I absolutely hate Minecraft because it is pixal-ated (don’t know how to spell that), I love Animal Crossing for the tasks and house decoration but I don’t actually craft items on the same level as I do in the Atelier series, or Dragon Quest Builders. 
In the past it’s been next to impossible for me to say what my favourite game is. I love some of the Final Fantasy series, I’m becoming a huge fan of Atelier and Hyperdimension Neptunia series. Now I can safely say Dragon Quest Builders is my favourite game, because it is light hearted, the monsters aren’t super hard to beat (apart from the bosses), I get to build and rebuild rooms to my heart’s content! 
Let me know if you’ve played Dragon Quest Builders! I’m writing this in a hurry so will include my own ingame photos in a later post.  There is a sequel coming out this year in Japan, so I’m hoping the European release won’t be too far away!

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