It’s been quiet for a while in the world of Minecraft but with today’s release of Phase 2 of the Update Aquatic there’s much more going on under the sea.  This update is available for players on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows 10, VR and mobile devices and brings new mobs, new items, new biomes and more.  Watch the update trailer below and dive right in to these new features…

Minecraft Update Aquatic

Phase 2 introduces so much more to the ocean including several new biomes – warm, lukewarm and cold variants of ocean and deep ocean biomes plus a deep frozen biome.  There will also be new procedurally generated structures such as shipwrecks and buried treasure although when exploring these make sure to avoid bubble columns that force swimmers up or down and the sinister underwater zombies known as The Drowned.

The friendly dolphins and octopuses of the deep have been joined by literally thousands of fauna including the very gentle Sea Turtles whose eggs can be found on beaches.  As for dolphins, these friendly chaps can now be fed raw fish or raw salmon and will swim towards the nearest underwater ruin or shipwreck.

New items on the list include Turtle Shells, Nautilus Shells (found while fishing or by killing a drowned), a Trident weapon and Conduits.  Conduits can be crafted from Nautilus Shells and Heart of the Sea and will give players the Conduit Power effect which stops the breath meter from decreasing, gives underwater night vision and increases mining speed.

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These are just some of the more notable parts of this epic update, to read every single addition and change visit here.


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