It would seem that Microsoft’s plan for their next generation of Xbox is a risky move. It seems to be a cloud-based game console known as Project Scarlett.

Microsoft to Launch Cloud-Based Xbox Console “Project Scarlett”?

Microsoft to Launch Cloud-Based Xbox Console "Project Scarlett"?

Ever since E3 2018, we all knew Microsoft has started work on a brand new Xbox game console. If we’re judging solely by track record, we’re expecting massive improvements in hardware compared to the Xbox One. But what if we tell you that it might not necessarily be the case but you still get to play games with rather impressive visuals?

There is word going around that Microsoft will be launching two consoles under the Project Scarlett name for its next generation Xbox. One is the traditional hardware upgrade for the more serious gamers, and the other is a cloud-based gaming console. How does that work? Simple.

In a cloud-based gaming console, all the processing that is needed will be done in the cloud system. Basically, instead of computing everything in a local hardware, you’re using cloud computing for gaming. It will then be streamed to this cloud-based Xbox for you to play.

This should mean that the stream box would be somewhat barebones (and affordable) as it doesn’t need much power to have any form of media streamed on it. On that note however, internet access will be very important. Not just in terms of speed but also stability, which can affect your gameplay experience greatly.

At the moment, Microsoft has not confirmed this nor the name “Project Scarlett” and there are still plenty of details that are unknown. It is certainly a risky move but one that can pay off as it can make gaming rather affordable. The only issue here is internet access and the servers on Microsoft’s side. If one or the other (worse yet, both) isn’t running up to par, fans are definitely going to go berserk.

Source: BGR


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