The director for Marvel‘s Iron Man VR has teased that players will confront “iconic allies and Super Villains” during the game’s personal narrative.

Although many thought Sony’s State of Play was a tepid affair, there’s no denying the Nintendo Direct lite event started off hot with the surprising reveal of Marvel’s Iron Man VR. While some are still disappointed that it’s a VR title rather than a standard AAA experience, the game’s director has assured dubious gamers that there will be a “deeply personal, and appropriately funny” narrative, and that there will also be “iconic allies and Super Villains”.

Iron Man VR is developed by Republique’s Camouflaj, and the game’s director Ryan Payton has discussed Tony Stark’s new armour, in addition to teasing a narrative that will show the fun and complex nature of the man behind the suit.

“What better way to announce the game than unveiling our brand-new Iron Man armor envisioned by legendary Marvel illustrator and costume designer, Adi Granov,” wrote Payton on the PlayStation blog. “In close collaboration with our partners and friends at Marvel Games, Adi created a new armor that, like the game, mixes a classic comic book aesthetic with an ultra-modern twist.”

As for the narrative, Payton wrote that Camouflaj “wanted to tell more than just an origin story”, and that Tony Stark will confront “ghosts from his past – powerful forces who seek to ruin him and everything he stands for.” Through the “magic of PlayStation VR, players will come face-to-face with iconic allies and Super Villains as they jet around the globe on a heroic mission to save not only Stark Industries, but the world itself.”

Like Rocksteady with the Batman Arkham franchise, Payton also abided by the superhero video game cliché by expressing his hope that the “natural and powerful” flying, shooting, and “epic Super Hero” action will result in players feeling like Iron Man.

Marvel’s Iron Man VR will launch exclusively for PlayStation VR sometime in 2019.

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