Gamers on Nintendo’s new handheld/home console hybrid will have the chance to play or re-experience indie classics Limbo and Inside starting June 28th. Developer Playdead announced the good news of the previously announced Switch ports via their Twitter.

Limbo originally released way back in 2010 and immediately became a posterchild for the then newly emerging broad and successful indie scene.  Ever since, the dark yet cute atmospheric platformer received ports to almost every platform one could think of, even touchscreen devices. So, it comes as nice news that owners of Nintendo’s current premier gaming hardware won’t be left out any longer.

Not only a dated title but also their newest creepy and atmospheric game Inside will be coming to the Nintendo Switch. Date and day with its older cousin, both games will be available worldwide next week, June 28th.

Danish developer Playdead continued with a similar tone and genre in Inside, after their first smash hit Limbo by continuing with an oppressive and scary world and physics-heavy platforming mechanics.


Switch owners have been waiting for news ever since Playdead confirmed they were working on a Switch port last year in a Famitsu interview. While chances are higher that those interested in Inside’s artistically dark world already played Limbo previously on another platform, it is still a nice and fresh way to replay both award-winning games on a handheld with traditional physical controls. And with so many years having passed since Limbo’s original release, chances are many younger gamers on Switch will be able to play it for the first time.

We didn’t get any word on how much the pleasure to play Limbo and Inside on the Switch is going to cost in this tweet sadly but seeing both titles are available on other platforms for around $30, it’s likely it will be around that ballpark.

Stay tuned for more info in the coming week.


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