Mech fans, it’s time to suit up. Marvelous Europe is proud to announce the release of their third-person shooter Assault Gunners HD Edition for the Nintendo Switch. The game was previously released on PlayStation 4 and Windows PC. The game is now available as a digital download in the Nintendo Switch eShop and players will receive a 10% discount during launch week. When in 208X Earth is being ravished by war, millions of people are looking for a way to abandon ship or in this case abandon planet. Mars is currently being terraformed and the dwarf-planet Ceres is being moved to Mars’ orbit to help create an ocean. To speed up the process, we humans do as we always do and put everything into the hands of A.I. and robotics, while we take a nap on our new planet. One day all communication with Mars is lost and we send our best team to investigate.

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