My first encounter with video games was when I was in middle school. It was the sensational Nintendo DS. Of course, I was just as intrigued and excited for this new form of technology as any other middle school kid. However, this crave for video games deminished as I grew older. I played the Wii from time to time, but never got into any real games such as the PlayStation, Xbox or other current gaming systems. Therefore, I surprised myself as I tested out two different video games on my boyfriend’s PlayStation 4 (PS4) this summer.

The first thing I did before playing any game was learn how to use the controller. It was a bit confusing for me at first and took me a lot of practice to learn the controls. However, I found that it got easier after practice. Once I was able to move around and learn the functions of different controls, I was ready to start my first game.

I first got my shaky hands on the pre-order version of Battlefield V.

Apparently, the Battlefield game series has been going for a few years now. Its popularity grew because of its overall unique historical themes. Battlefield V is set during World War II. The game started off with the ability to choose between different playing options.

I chose the multiplayer option, which allowed me to play with other online gamers in the new feature of Grand Operations, allowing players to explore a variety of maps and modes with a narrative story that relates to World War II and its historical events.

First, I was able to fully customize my player before starting my multiplayer experience. I thought that this feature was interesting because I was able to add realistic characteristics to my player. I thought that the multiplayer feature was extremely fascinating because I was able to work in teams to accomplish my goal of taking over each part of the map. It also makes the game more realistic because your team’s outcome depends on how well you and your team perform. Therefore, you are in control of the narrative. However, your resources and abilities depend on your success in the rounds before. In addition to this new feature, you also have the opportunity to play in all the featured locations.

I found the multiplayer experience in Battlefield V was both very fun and exciting due to these realistic features. The game’s graphics were incredible and made me feel as if I was there in the game. I could tell that the quality of the graphics was used to significantly impact the player’s overall experience. I was excited to go to different locations and see more of the land used in the game to explore its realism.

There was a lot going on at all times throughout the game. I was on edge and was prepared to shoot the enemy at all times. This kept the game exciting and intriguing because I had to be ready for anything.

I surprised myself with this game because I did not expect to enjoy it as much as I did. However, after playing for about an hour, I found myself wanting to play more. Battlefield V was an amazing experience for me, and I may actually play it regularly once the full game comes out.

Playing the game changed my overall perceptions on video games. I used to believe that games were mainly for people who have been playing for years. Therefore, I thought if I was never interested in it before then I never would be. However, I realized that there was space for first-time gamers.

Although it may take me a bit longer than others to fully understand different games, once I get the hang of it I will succeed.

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