Feed Your Eyes With Stunning Visuals: Get these 5 Best 3D Games for Android


Mobile gaming is a good form of entertainment and since Android came about, it has taken new turns. Previously we only had 2D games but developers have not rested as new 3D games keep been churned out on the Google Play Store. These games have stunning graphics and interesting gameplay accompany them. Let’s unravel 5 of the best 3D games for Android.

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Best 3D Games for Android

1. Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile cames into the games scene and it won the hearts of many. It works as an FPS game featuring all kinds of game modes. Among the game modes, it comes with are classic PvP deathmatches, 100-player battle royale, a zombie mode and many more.

The game packs above average for a shooter, clans for social gaming and many others. One of the best with great graphics, Call of Duty can be compared to FPS games like  Unkilled and Shadowgun: Legends by Madfinger Games, all having excellent graphics. It’s a free game although it has some in-app purchases.


2. Sniper 3D Gun Shooter

If you are an FPS games freak, then you can’t go wrong with Sniper 3D Gun Shooter. It is a free shooting game based on the FPS game genre that has the following actions: load, aim, and fire criminals on different scenarios. You’ll find in the game entertainment that comes from challenging missions.

Its graphics are brilliant and it is based on excellent gameplay. Many games involve you killing a target only but in Sniper 3D Gun Shooter, you’ll need to find out your targets and help the victim by killing the enemies. It packs user-friendly controls and varieties of weapons.


3. Nimian Legends: BrightRidge

Great graphics gives you an increase desire to immerse yourself in a game and that’s what Nimian Legends: BrightRidge offers. It is an open-world adventure game with many settings to tweak the graphics look on your smartphone. On high-end phones, the graphics are out of this world.

Its gameplay takes you through a lush fantasy world. The game contains quests to complete, enemies to combat and you can make your character move around the environment of the game. You can also shapeshift your character from different types of humans to creatures like birds,  dragons and wolves.


4. City Racing 3D

This game is one that has garnered over 50 million downloads and it is one of the best 3D games on Android. Car racing game lovers will find this game interesting.  The gameplay is nice coupled with its brilliant graphics. The game has many game modes which include career, elimination tournament, time trial and much more.  Get intrigued by the game’s real competition, easy controls, and supercars. It is possible to upgrade your cars and make them look the way you want. It has ads but it is free to download and play.


5. Critical Ops

One of the best shooter games that exist in the mobile space is Critical Ops. It’s been nicknamed the Counter Strike of mobile. It offers a multiplayer mode where you can join others and play against other teams in online PvP action.

In the game are various competitive game types, rock-solid controls, tons of unlockable weapons, customization elements, and rock-solid controls. You can run around in quick play, have a competitive edge in ranked matches and create your own games for you and your friends. It is freemium with the premium part for getting customization features.