Xbox will hold the second [email protected] independent game exhibition of this year in the early morning of August 11


    OlliOlli World

    Earlier Microsoft announced that it will pass through the early morning of August 11 Twitch Gaming and Xbox channelCarry on this yearThe second [email protected] independent game show. Developers and publishers such as Rebellion and Chump Squad will participate in the event, and the latest information on games such as “OlliOlli World” and “The Artful Escape” will also be made public. At the same time, Microsoft is also expected to announce a new batch of independent game lineups to join the Xbox Game Pass service. In the first [email protected] this year, the official introduction of 22 works that will log on to the Game Pass after the release, I wonder what surprises there will be this time?

    In addition to [email protected], there will also be a Gamecom Opening Night Live event in late August, and there should also be some dynamic updates of year-end masterpieces.

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