Xbox Social Media Team Has the Perfect Response to Trolls Engaging in Console Wars


    It’s not common for corporate social media accounts to jump into internet feuds, but these accounts are run by ordinary people and from time to time, they step out of their PR comfort zones to respond. That’s exactly what Xbox’s social media team did on Twitter, which not only attracted some fun responses, but also earned praise from the wider gaming community and industry professionals alike.

    “To the people in our replies saying ‘PS5 is better,’: The best console is the one you enjoy playing. Have fun!” reads a tweet from the official Xbox account. “I think we can all take solace in the words that [Fast & Furious character] Dominic Toretto imparted upon us last week and remember that people who love video games are just one big family. And you know what they say about family…”

    Here are a few of my favorite responses:

    The Game Boy shampoo can’t be that old, right? Right?

    Anyway, console wars are lame and you shouldn’t partake in them. That’s the message.

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