Xbox Mini Fridge: Release date, price, where to buy, specs and more

The Xbox Mini Fridge is not just a meme anymore. Here’s what we know so far about this appliance from Microsoft, including the release date and more.

Published on June 14th, 2021

After the reveal of the Xbox Series X back in 2020, a bunch of memes popped up, joking about how Microsoft’s most powerful console ever looks like a Mini Fridge. Taking the memes several steps further, Microsoft has actually created the Xbox Mini Fridge. In a “World Premier” trailer after the main Microsoft & Bethesda E3 presentation, Microsoft confirmed that the Xbox Mini Fridge is actually real, with the tagline “Xbox and chill”. Yes, there’s a release date window, and fans will be able to buy an Xbox Mini Fridge this year.

Xbox Mini Fridge release date

While there’s no exact release date for the Xbox Mini Fridge, Microsoft has revealed you can “Xbox and Chill” in Holiday 2021.