this ingenious screen transforms the Xbox Series S into a virtual portable console


    A props maker offers an adjustable screen for the Xbox Series S. A good idea that seems well done and is already a hit on Kickstarter.

    Despite its power and more limited storage, the Xbox Series S won us over during our test thanks to its extremely compact design and low price. Allied to Xbox Game Pass, this console could quickly become the ideal choice for those who are not keen on pixels and performance, or want an additional console at a lower cost.

    Its very successful minimalist design has obviously caught the eye of UPspec Gaming, an Australian props maker who has embarked on a project: transforming the console into a portable console, or almost.

    An adjustable screen that looks well thought out

    The firm has therefore launched a project on Kickstarter which has already succeeded in beating its objective of 8,190 euros by collecting, at the time of this writing, more than 70,000 euros.

    This project, named xScreen is an 11.6-inch Full HD 60Hz screen, which allows the screen to be the same size as the S Series when the product closes.

    It connects through the ports offered on the S Series: the HDMI port and a USB 3.0 port, and allows access to other connectors such as the storage expansion card or the power port.

    According to the Kickstarter project page, the object weighs 695 grams for dimensions of 295 x 191 x 73 mm.

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