The Jackbox Party Pack 8: all 5 games revealed


    This Fall, the latest Jackbox Party Pack (logically called The Jackbox Party Pack 8) will be released on Nintendo Switch. This one will feature 5 games, and Jackbox Games have finally revealed all of them. Check out below for trailer and details!

    Job Job

    Interviewing for a job can be STRESSFUL. Someone is asking you all these questions, and you find yourself sweating and desperately searching for the right words. Let Job Job, the first game in The Jackbox Party Pack 8, take that pressure off your gorgeous shoulders by turning the interview process into a game!

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    The Poll Mine

    You’re trapped in a magical mine! A maniacal witch is hot on your heels and your team depends on your next move. In front of you stands 8 doors. The only way to pick the safe path is to determine which home appliance is the least trustworthy… according to people you’re playing with. 

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    Drawful Animate

    As the name suggests, this latest version of the storied franchise will center around players making awful animations two frames at a time. But what if you’re ashamed of what you created? Fear not, because it plays on a loop! No matter your artistic skills, we think you’ll flip out (pun very much intended) with this fresh new take on a classic. 

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    The Wheel of Enormous Proportions

    You have arrived, weary travelers!

    Your trek to this pinnacle of knowledge was surely the most demanding journey of your lives, but a bigger challenge lies ahead – withstanding a game of trivia and chance in a prompt-answering, wheel-spinning extravaganza.

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    Weapons Drawn

    THERE’S BEEN A MURDER! Actually… there’s been several murders. Maybe too many murders. And in Weapons Drawn, a social deduction game in The Jackbox Party Pack 8, it’s your job to solve these murders. Every piece of evidence in the game is provided by the players. Who drew this “weird sword”? Will anyone guess I was the one that named my guest to the party “Professor Poopoo”? For better or worse, every detail of this very serious mystery is created by you and your friends.

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    The Jackbox Party Pack 8 (Switch – eShop) does not have a release date yet, but is slated for a Fall release in Europe and North America.


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