The future of PlayStation, Dead Space, and Twitch’s Day Off


    There have been some interesting stories in the gaming industry this week, including new footage dead space, as well as Twitch Stars in protest of the continuous raids of the channels. There was a rumor recently about Get a Nintendo Switch game online and Game Boy Color games, but it hasn’t been confirmed yet.

    Sony announces show for next week

    It looks like Sony is finally ready to start revealing some new games, or at least we can hope. They announced a summer show that will be held next week. Sony says the show will be News feature for upcoming games: “The show will last about 40 minutes and include updates from PlayStation Studios and some of the most creative developers in the industry, for games that will be released this holiday and beyond.”

    As for what specifically will be at the event, one thing we know for sure won’t be there is the next generation PSVR, which Sony says isn’t ready to show yet. There are many potential titles that could appear, including God of War: RagnarokAnd Forbidden horizon westAnd maybe games we haven’t seen yet. With the addition of Launch This Holiday, there are also a few games we know can be shown, including Death Stranding exit cut.

    Motivation gives us our first look at the Dead Space edition

    Early in the week, developers for the new Dead Space game, a complete remake of the original, showed off some snapshots of an early build of the game. Not only does it look amazing, but Motive has upped the gore by cutting off limbs in the new version that now includes shredding for meat. Isaac Clark will also have a voice in the remake, but the developers said he’ll only speak in the game when you talk to him.

    It’s really amazing to see how the original graphics dead space They have gotten old, considering that the game in isolation still looks pretty good. But when compared to the very early build of the game offered on broadcast, it looks almost rudimentary. The new game will also have some additional features that have been added dead space 2, including Isaac’s flight boots. Proof of candy and all that, we’ll only know if it’s a file Resident Evil 2New style when we get it, but so far, it looks good.

    China limits kids to just 3 hours of online gaming a week

    China’s National Press and Publication Administration is putting stronger limits on how much children are allowed to play online: From now on, companies offering online games can only open their servers from 8-9pm on Fridays, weekends and holidays. This means that in most weeks, Chinese children will only be able to play online games for those three hours. I can only imagine how crowded their servers are.

    Previously, restrictions were limiting children to just 1.5 hours each day, so this is very severe. Of course, the big companies in the industry, such as Tencent, resent this. Presumably to combat the growing problem of gaming addiction among Chinese children, the country has long had a complex relationship with gaming – a recent article from a state-owned news outlet (translated by The New York TimesThey called it “spiritual opium”.

    Twitch viewers are taking a day off to protest harassment raids

    Twitch harassers are having a longstanding problem with the site, and a lot of streamers have taken matters into their own hands by holding a virtual session called #ADayOffTwitch. Many minority content creators have been targeted with hate raids that overwhelm live chat with messages designed to evade automatic detection of hate speech. Twitch live streamers want stronger measures to prevent these harassment, including the ability to decline raids (which should really be an advantage, frankly).

    This apparently did not Impact on viewership on TwitchThe day of the strike was reduced. Twitch responded to the protest with the statement: “No person should be subjected to malicious and hateful attacks based on who they are or what they represent, and we are working hard on improving channel-wide block evasion detection and additional account improvements to help make Twitch a safer place for creators.”

    September free games via subscription services

    Xbox Game Pass September Additions:

    • Kraftopia
    • Final Fantasy XIII
    • sojourner tags
    • Surgeon Simulator 2
    • crown trick
    • breathing
    • nuclear throne
    • artful escape

    PlayStation Plus September Games:

    • Overcooked: all you can eat
    • hitman 2
    • Predator: hunting grounds

    Games released this week:

      Kitaria fables
      This fantastic RPG starring animals also features elements of farming and crafting in which the player must pacify the nature.
      Mediator (PS5)
      Previously exclusive to Xbox, this horror game is now available to PS5 owners.
      key we
      This cute little sim is about kiwi birds sorting mail, and it can be played cooperatively locally or online.
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