the first three games coming soon

© Square Enix

Square Enix has just confirmed the first releases of Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster. Indeed, the first three games will be available from July 28 on PC and smartphone.

Announced at E3 2021, Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster will feature remastered pixel art versions of the first six installments of Final Fantasy. So, Square Enix will offer nostalgic gamers the first three games on PC via Steam, and on IOS and Android. Final Fantasy I, Final Fantasy II and Final Fantasy III will therefore be downloadable from July 28, 19 hours !

In addition, the Steam fiches are already ready. As we can see, this will not be a compilation with all three games, but individual downloadable games. Furthermore, Final Fantasy I will be available for € 11.99. As for the other two opus, it will cost € 17.99 to acquire them.